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Chronic Toothache Relief for Toothaches Without Infection in Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, North CarolinaSometimes people experience toothaches for obvious reasons – their tooth is chipped, a filling is damaged or decayed, the pulp is infected, or something else is wrong.

Other times, though, people have frequent or chronic toothaches for no apparent reason. They may visit dentist after dentist, undergoing procedures such as root canals and tooth extractions with no relief.

The phrase “toothache of non-dental origin” refers to the latter of these situations. Sometimes, the pain of a toothache is actually somewhere other than a tooth, making it difficult to diagnose the cause of the pain. In fact, there are six other pathologies that can make you feel as though you have a toothache.

Dr. Keith A. Yount of the Raleigh Facial Pain Center in Raleigh, NC, is board certified and residency trained, and treats patients suffering from chronic pain due to toothaches of non-dental origin. He uses a unique, holistic approach combining medicine and dentistry to find the root of the pain, then devises a therapeutic strategy to eliminate the pain. If you have a toothache that won’t go away, set up an appointment with Dr. Yount today, or contact the Raleigh Facial Pain Center for more information.

Toothaches of Non-Dental Origin

Pain from a toothache of non-dental origin can vary in different people. Some patients have a mild, dull ache, while others have an excruciating, sharp pain. For some patients the pain happens all the time, while for others it comes and goes. Normally, it is felt in the teeth or in the surrounding areas such as the gums and bones. Sometimes, the pain will migrate from one tooth to another or even to the other side of the mouth.

Some of the causes of persistent tooth pain include:

If you or a patient need relief from a chronic toothache or other chronic facial pain, set up an appointment today at the Raleigh Facial Pain Center.

The Raleigh Facial Pain Center helps patients in Raleigh, NC and beyond, including in Durham, Apex, Cary, Wake Forest, Greenville, Pinehurst, New Bern, Greensboro and even South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia, find relief from chronic toothaches and other chronic facial and jaw pain.