Pediatric Tension HEADACHE

As a parent, it is difficult to see your child w/ frequent moderate to severe headache and have nothing to offer them. Medical science has not given provided primary care physicians or neurologist safe treatments for children headaches. As a parent, we need to control their pain and suffering.

Why is my child having headaches?


  1. Majority of headaches in children are “Tension Headaches”.
  2. Tension headache refer to side of head region children
  3. Side head muscle is chewing muscle
  4. Clench-grind & stress set up inflammation & pain
  5. Chewing system specialist is Orofacial Pain
  6. Side of head is a chewing muscle
  7. Some tension headaches are mixture w/ migraine
  8. In mix HA cases, OFPS manages tension HA first
  9. Then referral Neurologist treat migraines
  10. Migraines are more receptive to migraine treatments

A Pediatric Tension HA is caused by moderate

  1. clench/grind,
  2. anxiety,
  3. tension Temporalis, and
  4. Traumas jaw/face/neck

Why refer headache to orofacial pain

  1. HA escalates to severe or daily
  2. Migraine meds in children limited  
  3. Suspects grind/clench 
  4. concern gut issues from Excess Ibuprofen
  5. Tension, stress, or anxiety increases HA
  6. Poor sleep, cardio, nutrition, and negative thinking
  7. Several traumas head & neck

Moms are in conflict---Suffering w/ pediatric headache and taking strong migraine medicines.

Chewing system orthopedic team provides relief w/o use strong medicines:

  1. Reduction in frequency, severity, and duration allows avoiding meds
  2. Most of the tools are Integrative tools
  3. Integrative tools target inflammation
  4. Neck inflammation are targeted by team
  5. Secret success is in patient passion change health habits
  6. Team is orofacial pain specialist, physical therapy, biofeedback, patient 

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