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In chronic pain, empathy can be perceived by amount time that the team spends in getting to know you or your pains. In their acquisition of detail about person and the pain, you can see empathy, caring, and success in pain management. How many times have you seen a caring doctor to collect too much detail?

To request appointment, we need to get to know your pains and history to accurately diagnose your pain.

  1. Filling out the form below
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A team member will contact you to facilitate your need for retrieval information, diagnosis, treatment plan, and therapy.

We, the team, will do our best to expedite your reservation, but we need your help:

  1. collecting your information
  2. your providers information
  3. Requesting records & images

By placing high priority on getting us all needed information, you will get first available examination.

Chronic pain requires that your information should it be detailed, but timely received by team. The team pieces all information together like pieces of puzzle.

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I have arthritis of the jaw joint. My journey started in October 2009 with constant tense dull ache on the lower right side, both with teeth and muscles. I could not enjoy life. I was irritable and moody, Dr. Yount's articles, "A Case Study of Unbearable Pain and Healing" could be written about me ...
Tommy-Lee Macias
Dr. Yount and his staff are incredibly knowledgeable, informative, and helpful in the management of TMD pain. I have gone to other TMD doctors and have received neither the support nor the proper treatment that can help heal my jaw until I went and saw Dr. Yount. I highly recommend Raleigh Facial Pain Center!
Aynnie Koscso
Dr. Yount and his team have helped me with my TMD significantly. I was feeling hopeless by the time I walked into his office and was skeptical to it working and not needing surgery. Here I am 5 months later in a completely different place!

He is kind, honest, and truly wants to help each person who walks through his doors. For treatment I used a splint, worked with a PT, met with a biofeedback specialist, used pain medication to start, and worked through lifestyle changes with him each session. You meet with him regularly to adjust your splint and discuss concerns, questions, and what’s next in your healing process.

I am so thankful for his expertise and encouragement to work though this conservative treatment plan (no surgery or braces!). Phyllis and the office staff are great to work with and knowledgeable as well. If you struggle with TMD, please see Dr. Yount!
Elisabeth Harry
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