Disc Displacement in Children

Diagnosing Complete Displaced Disc in children

  1. Restricted opening indicates mod damage
  2. RO is complete displaced disc
  3. Opening 1 finger, deviation to side
  4. Chewing pain, opening wide pain
  5. Popping & clicking for months or years
  6. High anxiety, destructive parafunction, or traumas
  7. Not common, but increasing in propensity

Pedodontist could manage mild damage to TMD with conservative therapies

Can moderate TMD damage (complete disc displacement) occur in children: Yes, however unlikely, especially to destructive grinders

What look for Moderate TMD damage

  1. Chewing pain
  2. Tension Headache
  3. Moderate Wear primary teeth
  4. Jaw joint noises
  5. Child makes Grinding noises at night
  6. Class II-retrognathic mandible
  7. Enlarged Masseters
  8. Broken or worn retainers

What sets up a child have disc displacement? 1. Destructive grinding 2.Frequent traumas 3.Tension in Muscles 4.High anxiety 5. Poor sleep 6. Lack cardio conditioning

Can restorative dentistry set off RESTRICTED OPENING? Yes, if the jaw joint damage is hidden & TMD disc fragile & moderate damage chewing system.

In restricted opening (RO)-locked jaw, a child needs a chewing system orthopedic team not just piece plastic

Child with restricted opening, as rare as might be, must seek urgent care at orofacial pain specialist.   

Why is destructive grinding-clenching not diagnose Pedodontics?

  1. No one looks at chewing system as whole
  2. No one collects all hints
  3. Hints Destruction: teeth, bone, muscle, joint
  4. Chewing system is fragmented into specialities
  5.  Destruction to joint & muscle not taught dental school
  6.  Insurances do not adequate cover TMD
  7. Insurance limits coverage of Integrative tools
  8. Pedodontist sees teeth
  9. Pedo school focuses on teeth and alignment
  10. Hints in children are more subtle

Pedodontics complex case: why refer

  1. Pedo training is acute pain, not chronic pain
  2. Chronic pain requires team
  3. Chronic pain team required manage more complex cases
  4. Insurance & government insurance cover chronic pain poorly
  5. Destructive grind/clench is movement disorder
  6. Damage is joint muscle not teeth


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