Do I Have an Atypical Earache?

girl with atypical earacheEaraches are common in children and adults, most often brought about by changes in pressure, infections, and other similar causes. But, how do you know when you are suffering from an atypical earache caused by a jaw or neck disorder? If you answer "yes" to any of the following statements, seek professional help for your atypical earache from an orofacial pain specialist:

  • I visited my doctor or family practitioner for an earache and my ear exam showed no inflammation.
  • I visited my doctor or family practitioner for an earache and a prescription for antibiotics did not make the pain go away.
  • I visited my doctor or family practitioner for an earache and was referred to an ENT who conducted an ear exam which showed no inflammation.

How Jaw Joints Can Cause Atypical Earaches

More often than not, atypical earaches are caused by the next door neighbor, the jaw joint. In one study of 344 patients, 60% with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) had ear pain. The jaw and ear joint are connected in two ways:

  • The “wiring of the skull,” a complex bone structure which makes it difficult to discriminate between the jaw and ear joint
  • A common nerve distribution, known as the auriculotemporal nerve

It is this convoluted wiring in the facial structure that causes the brain to often mix up pain signals to the jaw and ear.

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