Dentistry & Destructive Grind/Clench

2/3 of the money spent in dentistry is treating damage from destructive grind & clench, not cause ?

If you want teeth for the rest of your life, you must manage all 3 diseases:

  1. Cavities
  2. Gum Disease
  3. Destructive grind/clench

3 levels of damage to chewing system from grinding-clenching?

  1. Mild
  2. Moderate
  3. Severe (destructive)

Important facts: 1) Dentistry is gifted managing cavities & gum disease 2) Next time need crown-root canal-extraction, ask what disease caused the damage? 3) If it was not cavities or gum disease, then destructive grinding ! 4) Yes, the crown treats the damage 5) When is dentist going to treat "cause" of damage ? 6) As Ben the dentist said, an ounce plastic (nightguard) is worth a pound of porcelain (crowns) 7) Request your dentist treat cause damage, prevention of destructive grinding


  1. Grinding prevention is not priority dentist
  2. When nightguards are recommended patient's decline
  3. Recommending night guards is frustrating
  4. Best prevention is early appliance
  5. Appliances science is limited in dental school
  6. To diagnosis collect hints from all 4 of chewing structures

Patient contributions to problem:

  1. World brain washing is fast quick & cheap
  2. Prevention requires caring about your health than your possession
  3. Prevention means research on grind & clench
  4. Average public are in denial about grind/clench
  5. Out of 10 biteguards recommend only 1 is acquired and it worn 1 year
  6. Demand prevention in hidden and destructive disease

Cost reconstruction for grinding:

  1. 28 teeth crowned, 1200/cr= $ 33,600
  2. 3-4 teeth root canaled, 1200/rc= $ 4800
  3. 3-4 extract 800/th= $3200
  4. 3-4 implanted & crowned, implant & cr=$ 9600
  5. Redoing all crowns 18 yr later= $ 55,500

So, do we look into prevention or just let reconstruction go merrily along. It's only money, and loss of your teeth after you destroy your thousands of dollars of investment?

Did you know the treatment of destructive grinding is different 11 tools, not just a piece plastic or nightguard ?

Destructive grinding is so powerful it can destroy almost every material man has created ?

Destructive grinding is so powerful it can destroy even what GOD created, very hard enamel ?

Investing you dollars in reconstruction in destructive grinder is like investing in sky scrapper on earthquake fault line.

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