Unexplained Facial Pain Explained

Pain, a sore spot or discomfort are never pleasant, but it can be a little unsettling if it’s unexplained facial pain, or if you believe that you have no good reason for discomfort. Dr. Keith A. Yount at Raleigh Facial Pain Center in Raleigh, NC stresses the importance of having access to a board-certified, residency-trained professional with the diagnostic skills necessary to help you successfully manage the pain. He started Raleigh Facial Pain Center after coming across several toothaches, jaw pain and facial pains that the dentists who were trained in teeth and gum issues could not identify. Raleigh Facial Pain Center was created by Dr. Yount out of that need to look at the other structures in the face and jaw as the source of facial pain –– and the reason behind the decreasing quality of your life or happiness levels.

Oftentimes, a dentist will look at only your teeth and gums, while an orofacial pain doctor will look at the muscles and joints as well, especially when at-home remedies do not ameliorate your pain. This is especially important, as issues with your teeth and gums can be the result of pain in your muscles and joints. It is perplexing, indeed, when our own body makes a heart attack, which is the source of pain, feel like indigestion, which is the site of the pain.

It has been said that true success means aiming your treatment at the source of the pain, not the site of the pain. At Raleigh Facial Pain Center, we believe in treating the patient as a member of our team, involving you in the process as more than just part of a procedure through education and understanding. Come see for yourself –– call us today at (919) 781-6600.

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