Dental Specialties

1) Surgeon

refer extraction tooth does not relieve pain

Implant loose or teeth mobile

History broken teeth-porcelain-partials-retainers-nightguards

2) Orthodontist:

a) refer suddenly onset jaw pain during braces

b)moderate jaw jt damage before braces

3) Periodentist

refers destruction bone & tissue w/o infection

4) Endodontist

a) refers toothache w/o signs pulpal damage

b) refers after root canal fails to relieve pain

5) ENT: Atypical Earache refer:

a) ear pain w/o infection

b) receives no benefit antibiotic

c) ear pain comes & goes

d) hints of jaw joint damage

6) Pedodontist/Pediatric refers:

a) frequent or daily temple headache

b) seems related stress-anxiety

c) unilateral or bilateral

d) evidence grinding clenching teeth

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