Anxiety aggravates Pain


Pain + Anxiety + PHH + Trauma = Chronic Pain

Warning: anxiety system connects to pain system over time in chronic pain

  1. Longer pain period =more anxiety wires to pain wires
  2. Longer poor health habits more chronic pain takes control your life
  3. Higher pain levels more anxiety & more connection


  1. Stressors - Demands-mild prolonged
  2. Pet Peeves -moderate
  3. Emotional hijacking -severe
  4. PTSD or Child Abuse-damage emotional brain

Similar: 1) Stress/Anxiety, 2) Fight or flight, 3) Protection system, 4) Sympathetic System, 5) Anxiety system

High Anxiety increases:

  1. Tension in muscles
  2. Rewiring anxiety system to pain system
  3. Grinding & clenching

High anxiety for long periods changes pain reporting system;

  1. Anxiety wires/couple to pain system
  2. Anxiety causes adaptations pain biochemistry/physiology
  3. Sympathetic system connects pain system
  4. Turns silent nerves into pain nerves
  5. Creation alpha 1 receptors (pain nerves rx to adrenalin)
  6. Creates a greater pain response to small stimuli 7) Anxiety becomes gasoline on fire pain

Tale twin sisters:

  1. Sister A: has acute pain, stub toe, stressing her does not change pain
  2. Sister B: has chronic pain, headache, stressing her causes pain to increase

Manipulation of emotional brain:

  1. Worlds Manipulation (Politics, hate crime, violence, negative news)
  2. Self Manipulation (turn love into worry, turn effort to perfectionism)

If you have anxiety w/ chronic pain, you need some type therapy to manage anxiety or the pain will continue.

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