Big Question: Grind - Clench

Three levels of damage: 1) Mild, 2) Moderate, 3) Destructive

With proper training, the dentist can manage mild to moderate grind & clench. Destructive grind & clench requires chewing system orthopedic team and implementation of 11 tools to lower it's destructive effect

New speciality, Orofacial Pain Specialist, was created for patients to seek knowledge beyond scope dentist into the world of chewing system orthopedics.

Dentists are excellent at treating cavities and gum disease.

Why don't dentists diagnose & treat destructive grinding & clenching?

Dentists ignore grinding-clenching until need reconstruction. Then they want to protect the expensive crown and bridge. Why not protect your valuable teeth from this destructive disease.

Why do dental schools trained dentist prevent cavities and gum disease, but not grinding & clenching ?

Did you know the majority of people lose teeth after 60 due to grinding and clenching ?

Did you know the majority of dental production is crown-bridge-implants is after age 60? Cause is grind-clench.

If you understand concept outside nerve and inside nerve, why is grind & clench ignored ?

Why is the most attended lecture for dentists on how to earn more money, rather than on improving diagnostic skills?

Dentist's see teeth, Orofacial Pain Specialist sees muscle, joint, disc, ligament, nerves to chewing system?

Did you know grinding/clenching is movement disorder ?

Dentist have very little training in movement disorder, grind-clench, joint & muscle damage,

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