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Stephanie T.
For the longest time I was in severe pain in my ears with no explanation as to why. I went to several doctors, many of whom thought I was making it up since there was nothing wrong with my ears. Finally one ENT discovered it was TMJ by putting pressure under my jaw where the bottom meets the top and having me slowly open my mouth. After he scraped me off the ceiling from the pain he sent me to Dr. Yount. Dr. Yount was terrific working with me and my TMJ. He has a notebook that he has put together and you get a section or two each time so that you can process and work on the information as you learn about TMJ and how to make the pain stop and prevent flare-ups. He is great at explaining things and had several ways of working with it so I could choose what worked with me. I was frustrated some in the beginning as the mouth piece he creates and other things takes some time and I continued to be in pain. But it has been several years now and I haven't had any flare-ups in so long I have lost track. I continue to see him about once a year or so to make minor adjustments on my mouth guard, which I use every night while I sleep. I have the notebook and have referenced it every now and then. If nothing else – it is great at helping finding stress relief as TMJ is often triggered by stress. I would recommend to anyone. (P.S. – His bedside manner and sense of humor is great and really helps too.)
Former TMJ Pain Sufferer
Prior to July 2006, I treated my headaches with sinus tablets for 13 years. When the pain radiated from teeth into earaches, I sought relief from my dentist who referred me to and ENT. When nothing was found from those tests, he referred me to Dr. Keith Yount at Raleigh Facial Pain Center. Working in concert with a physical therapist, a life coach, my dentist and the mouth splint (orthotic) he created to prevent the ever-present clinching pressure on my teeth when sleeping; Dr. Yount found both the cause and cure for my pain. I strongly encourage any sufferer to get help to find the base cause of their pain before more damage is done. At the time of my original treatment, insurance did not cover TMJ issues unless the result of a violent act or an accident. The coverage now includes natural acts too and I would still spend the money out of pocket if I had to face the problem again to be pain free!
Client Testimonial
I have arthritis of the jaw joint. My journey started in October 2009 with constant tense dull ache on the lower right side, both with teeth and muscles. I could not enjoy life. I was irritable and moody. Dr. Yount’s article, “A Case Study of Unbearable Pain and Healing” could be written about me. By the time I was referred to Dr Yount I had seen many doctors and dentists. My first visit with Dr Yount was February. The first visit was not too bad, mostly history and referral to panaramic x-ray. When I came back for the x-ray report, he diagnosis was overwhelming. Over the next 3+ months, I drove there a couple of times a week at first and finally every 2-3 weeks. During this time, I had disappointments. Brushing my teeth was an issue as I also had a problem with a wisdom tooth. I had to brush when I was fully alert so I wouldn’t brush too hard around that tooth or along the masseter muscle. I don’t believe I had more than a few days at a time without jaw pain for 3+ months Finally everything started settling down. Because of the jaw issue I could not have my teeth cleaned for about 10 months. When Dr Yount released me to see Dr Valez it was discovered that I had an infection on the wisdom tooth. The cleaning caused some pain/discomfort but overtime it has been resolved. I’m now on a 4-6 month maintenance plan with Dr. Yount. I’m on a 3-month cleaning plan with Dr Valez where extra care is given to patients with jaw issues. I still have some occasional discomfort, but I have tools to manage these times.
Anonymous – Kansas City, Missouri
I had my wisdom teeth removed back in 1996 and soon after began having intense ear pain and jaw pain. I went to any specialist that I could think of to diagnose my pain. After months and months of pain, I finally found Dr. Keith Yount. I can assure you that he changed my life with his gifted hand and experienced technique. He quickly introduced me into his program to eliminate chronic pain and built me a sophisticated appliance to wear at night for my tooth grinding. It took a lot of personal devotion to change my life for the better, but Dr. Yount was always there like a great coach and mentor. Within a few months, my pain dropped to almost nothing. It was a medical miracle in my mind, but to Dr. Yount, this was the targeted result of a calculated program to greatly reduce or eliminate chronic pain. If you are out there suffering with any type of chronic pain in your body, Dr. Yount may be able to help. He really helped me.