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Facial Pain Center Serving Patients in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex, NC & Beyond

For more than 20 years, patients across the Triangle area have trusted Raleigh Facial Pain Center for professional facial pain treatment. Whether you come to us for progressive jaw joint muscle pain, post-op dental treatment pain, chewing system pain, atypical toothaches, atypical earaches, bite problems, jaw locking or tension headaches, you can rely on our Raleigh facial pain treatment specialists to get the job done right.

At Raleigh Facial Pain Center, our orofacial pain treatment is world-class. Our team of of facial pain treatment specialists are second to none, utilizing some of the latest modalities backed by the most up-to-date research. In fact, some of our skilled staff are former patients, giving you the benefit of working with professionals who truly understand what you are dealing with.

We proudly provide professional facial pain treatment services to patients in the following areas of North Carolina:

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From our facial pain center in Raleigh, we are able to serve patients all over Central North Carolina. Stop living your life in pain and turn to the area’s best facial pain specialists. Whether you need relief from jaw pain or TMJ pain, we can help. Contact Raleigh Facial Pain Center today and schedule an appointment.