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Stephanie T.
For the longest time I was in severe pain in my ears with no explanation as to why. I went[...]
Unexplained Facial Pain Explained
Pain, a sore spot or discomfort are never pleasant, but it can be a little unsettling if it’s unexplained facial[...]
What is Causing Your Post-Procedural Dental Problems?
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Considering a Raleigh Doctor or Dentist Referral Request
Is your patient struggling with frequent root canals, difficulty chewing, frequent earaches with no infection, or constant tension headaches? Have[...]
What is Trigeminal Neuralgia & How Can It Be Misdiagnosed?
Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) is one of the most common causes of facial pain. Also called tic douloureux, it is a[...]
Sudden Jaw Pain: What It Means & How to Deal With It
Have you ever woken up one morning with intense jaw pain and wondered where it came from? Is it hard[...]