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Bite Problems & Facial Pain Treatment in Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, North CarolinaChronic jaw or facial pain is often debilitating. It can be especially frustrating when you or your doctors can’t figure out what is causing it. Visiting doctor after doctor with no real answers gets discouraging very quickly.

In some cases, jaw or facial pain is caused by bite problems. If this is the case, these bite problems can usually be corrected, helping you live a life free of pain. However, the pain must be managed before bite correction. This is because your bite will be different if you are in pain.

Do I Have a Bite Problem?

UntitledIf you have chronic pain in your face or jaw and answered yes to any of these questions, a bite problem may be contributing to your pain. Only a medical professional, such as those at the Raleigh Facial Pain Center, can determine if your pain is caused by a bite problem.

If you have pain that won’t go away, set up an appointment with board certified and residency trained Dr. Keith A. Yount of the Raleigh Facial Pain Center. Dr. Yount uses chewing system orthopedics to determine the cause of your chronic pain, then designs a therapeutic treatment plan to ultimately help you live a life free of pain. For more information, contact the Center today.

The Raleigh Facial Pain Center treats facial and jaw pain caused by bite problems and other problems in patients in Raleigh, NC and beyond, including Wake Forest, Greenville, Pinehurst, New Bern, Greensboro and even South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.