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Why you need board certified and residency trained doctor for chewing system damage ?

July 7th, 2021

The TMJ is complex joint, TMD is complicated disease, and chewing system orthopedics requires a highly trained team to manage to lasting pain reduction & encourage body heal.

You may be experiencing any of the following:  

  1. Ongoing chewing pain, deviations, Locked jaw
  2. Locked jaw (can’t open past 1 finger)
  3. frequent earaches with no infection
  4. toothache with no cavities or gum disease
  5. Difficult to chew-no home bite-dual bite
  6. breaking-chipping-cracking teeth
  7. root canal-crown-extract does not relieve tooth pain
  8. frequent extractions with no visible damage
  9. frequent tension headaches
  10. jaw pain after dental appointment
  11. Post operative discomfort crown, implant, filling
  12. Progressive Sensitivity
  13. Destructive grinding
  14. Facial Assymmetry
  15. Sudden Bite changes

You have tried many modalities (nightguards, gallons Advil, hot paks, soft diet, stretching, massage, creams, six pak Tylenol, store/internet appliances, root canals/crowns/implants, occlusal adjustment).   These single acute pain therapies are ineffective in

  1. lowering the pain
  2. improving the opening
  3. reducing tooth pain
  4. removing ear ache
  5. stop bite changes
  6. reduce financial drain
  7. reduce headaches
  8. saving teeth

Would you want a regular medical doctor who took some weekend courses on orthopedics to treat a torn ACL; so that, you can get back to playing walking, volleyball, gardening, chasing grandchildren.

  1. Dentist may feel good about their unique nightguard, but the nightguard is only a small part of the chewing system orthopedic therapy and must be right design-material-accuracy to be effective.
  2. Dentist are highly trained at diagnosis and treatment of inside nerve(tooth), but have little or no training on outside nerve. Ask them if the dental school or weekend courses have prepared them for grinding/clenching, atypical toothache, atypical earache, jaw locking.
  3. Dentist are highly trained at dental pathologies (tooth & gum), but have little or no training at muscle joint pathologies.
  4. If you have damage in muscles and joints of chewing system, would you request a dentist or orthopedist of chewing system (Orofacial Pain Specialist) to achieve healing necessary to return normal eating.  

Look up orthopedics of knee or back, you will establish the need for team and understand the complexity of joint/muscle/ligament/disc orthopedic structure; so that, all the causes of damage to TMJ are managed to best healing outcome. Not the cheapest, not the fastest, not the quick fix you so desire, but best healing. You will want your dentist to refer to a doctor who is board certified and residency trained in orofacial pain or chewing system orthopedist. The three year residency is necessary to teach the pathologies that can minic damage to jaw joint, teach the differences of levels of damage to TMJ,  unique differences of acute pain verses chronic, to teach level accuracy necessary to establish healing, and to manage health care team.

Let me give you example, a man is treated for 6 months by a self proclaimed TMJ guru. After no results & suffering severe pain for 6 months, he presents himself to board certified-residency trained orofacial pain doctor with 25 years experience. The man had Trigeminal Neuralgia, a severely painful nerve pathology not a joint muscle pathology (TMD). In less than one week, we had the man pain free by treating the real source of this man’s pain, nerve pain, but it took us 3 months to prevent pain from coming back.

If your want your patient to get better, consider a referral to our orofacial pain specialist,  Dr. Keith A. Yount, and orthopedic team.

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