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Stephanie T.

October 12th, 2016

For the longest time I was in severe pain in my ears with no explanation as to why. I went to several doctors, many of whom thought I was making it up since there was nothing wrong with my ears. Finally one ENT discovered it was TMJ by putting pressure under my jaw where the bottom meets the top and having me slowly open my mouth. After he scraped me off the ceiling from the pain he sent me to Dr. Yount.

Dr. Yount was terrific working with me and my TMJ. He has a notebook that he has put together and you get a section or two each time so that you can process and work on the information as you learn about TMJ and how to make the pain stop and prevent flare-ups. He is great at explaining things and had several ways of working with it so I could choose what worked with me.

I was frustrated some in the beginning as the mouth piece he creates and other things takes some time and I continued to be in pain. But it has been several years now and I haven’t had any flare-ups in so long I have lost track. I continue to see him about once a year or so to make minor adjustments on my mouth guard, which I use every night while I sleep.

I have the notebook and have referenced it every now and then. If nothing else – it is great at helping finding stress relief as TMJ is often triggered by stress.

I would recommend to anyone.

(P.S. – His bedside manner and sense of humor is great and really helps too.)