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Former TMJ Pain Sufferer

August 25th, 2014

Prior to July 2006, I treated my headaches with sinus tablets for 13 years. When the pain radiated from teeth into earaches, I sought relief from my dentist who referred me to and ENT. When nothing was found from those tests, he referred me to Dr. Keith Yount at Raleigh Facial Pain Center. Working in concert with a physical therapist, a life coach, my dentist and the mouth splint (orthotic) he created to prevent the ever-present clinching pressure on my teeth when sleeping; Dr. Yount found both the cause and cure for my pain. I strongly encourage any sufferer to get help to find the base cause of their pain before more damage is done. At the time of my original treatment, insurance did not cover TMJ issues unless the result of a violent act or an accident. The coverage now includes natural acts too and I would still spend the money out of pocket if I had to face the problem again to be pain free!