Client Testimonial - Raleigh Facial Pain

Client Testimonial

January 14th, 2014

I have arthritis of the jaw joint. My journey started in October 2009 with constant tense dull ache on the lower right side, both with teeth and muscles. I could not enjoy life. I was irritable and moody. Dr. Yount’s article, “A Case Study of Unbearable Pain and Healing” could be written about me.

By the time I was referred to Dr Yount I had seen many doctors and dentists. My first visit with Dr Yount was February. The first visit was not too bad, mostly history and referral to panaramic x-ray. When I came back for the x-ray report, he diagnosis was overwhelming. Over the next 3+ months, I drove there a couple of times a week at first and finally every 2-3 weeks.

During this time, I had disappointments. Brushing my teeth was an issue as I also had a problem with a wisdom tooth. I had to brush when I was fully alert so I wouldn’t brush too hard around that tooth or along the masseter muscle. I don’t believe I had more than a few days at a time without jaw pain for 3+ months

Finally everything started settling down. Because of the jaw issue I could not have my teeth cleaned for about 10 months. When Dr Yount released me to see Dr Valez it was discovered that I had an infection on the wisdom tooth. The cleaning caused some pain/discomfort but overtime it has been resolved.

I’m now on a 4-6 month maintenance plan with Dr. Yount. I’m on a 3-month cleaning plan with Dr Valez where extra care is given to patients with jaw issues. I still have some occasional discomfort, but I have tools to manage these times.