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Anonymous – Kansas City, Missouri

October 8th, 2013

I had my wisdom teeth removed back in 1996 and soon after began having intense ear pain and jaw pain. I went to any specialist that I could think of to diagnose my pain. After months and months of pain, I finally found Dr. Keith Yount. I can assure you that he changed my life with his gifted hand and experienced technique.

He quickly introduced me into his program to eliminate chronic pain and built me a sophisticated appliance to wear at night for my tooth grinding. It took a lot of personal devotion to change my life for the better, but Dr. Yount was always there like a great coach and mentor. Within a few months, my pain dropped to almost nothing. It was a medical miracle in my mind, but to Dr. Yount, this was the targeted result of a calculated program to greatly reduce or eliminate chronic pain.

If you are out there suffering with any type of chronic pain in your body, Dr. Yount may be able to help. He really helped me.